Failure to Diagnose Heart Attack and Stroke

It is a tragic occurrence when patients are turned away from the emergency room and suffer a heart attack or stroke soon after they leave. It is also devastating when a doctor fails to see a patient in time.

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Wrongful Death Caused by Medical Malpractice

Each year in the United States, there are nearly 100,000 wrongful deaths that result from medical malpractice. A wrongful death is a death that should have been prevented, as it was caused by another party’s negligent actions.

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Hospital Negligence Claims

If your hospital treatment caused you harm when it was supposed to help you, you may be the victim of hospital negligence—medical malpractice that occurs in a hospital setting.

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Vermont Medical Malpractice Attorneys

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When we go to the doctor, we expect to receive the level of care and treatment that we need to feel better. If this doesn’t happen, we can suffer an injury, declining health or even a wrongful death. Medical malpractice occurs when the medical professionals who Vermont patients trust, act in a manner that is below the acceptable standard of care. When this substandard care causes a patient harm, they have the right to sue the at-fault party for financial damages. A medical malpractice suit can be brought against the individual medical provider such as a doctor or nurse, or it can be filed against an entire facility such as a hospital or clinic.

Elite Injury Attorneys NetworkMedical malpractice claims are some of the most complex and technical types of personal injury lawsuits. These claims require experienced legal counsel, if you want to walk away with enough money to cover your medical bills and emotional distress. If you are in need of a qualified lawyer, talk to Elite Injury Attorneys’ Network, LLC. One of Elite’s attorneys will attempt to connect you with a respected Vermont medical malpractice attorney to meet your individual needs, if your case appears credible—for no additional cost.

Do You Have a Medical Malpractice Case?

Medical malpractice can range from a drug dosage mistake to surgery on the wrong body part. Some forms of medical malpractice, such as an anesthesia error, can result in permanent brain damage that forever changes your life. Other mistakes, like the failure to diagnose a heart attack, can end in fatalities.

If you are curious as to whether your medical treatment constituted medical malpractice, the best way to find out is to consult a Vermont medical malpractice attorney. An experienced medical malpractice attorney can help you protect your rights, answer your questions, and help you hold the responsible party accountable for their harmful actions.

Proving Your Claim

In order to win your claim, you must prove that:

  • The medical provider owed you a duty of care (established in a doctor/patient relationship)
  • That the professional breached that duty of care
  • That you were injured as a direct result

To establish that medical malpractice has occurred, you must present expert testimony to verify your allegations of medical negligence. An attorney who specializes in medical malpractice will have the expertise to locate expert witnesses with the qualifications necessary to maximize your recovery.

If you live in Vermont and your health has suffered because of a medical professional’s negligence, you have the right to collect damages. Please complete the online form and the Elite Injury Attorneys’ Network, LLC will review your case and work to find you a Vermont medical malpractice attorney, if you have a valid claim.